At little india we are specialised in herbal treatments such as dōterra oils and shirodhara treatment.

The Shirodhara treatment:

In Sanskrit language, Shirodhara is composed of two words shiro + dhara, shiro means head and dhara means flow. In Ayurveda, the warm oil flow on head is known as Shirodhara.It’s a very simple and relaxing therapy, warm oil is poured on the forehead. It’s a divine and relaxing therapy that gives a healthy glow, radiates from skin.Rejuvenate literally means ‘to make young again’ in Ayurveda. Ayurveda says that rasayana or rejuvenating therapy optimizes the circulation of nutrients to both body and mind. Shirodhara eradicates the root cause of the disease and a rejuvenating therapy as well. Shirodhara is a purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on the central nervous system. Shirodhara is a unique form of ancient therapy of pouring oil on the forehead from a specific height and for a specific period continuously and rhythmically allowing the oil to run through the scalp and into the hair.

Benefits of Shirodhara:
  • Helps overcome stress and its ill effects on nervous system.
  • Helps relieve headache, hypertension, asthma, hair problems and stress.
  • Gives great mental relaxation.
  • Invigorates the body and mind and stimulates cognitive memories.
  • Disperses negative electrical impulses that accumulate at the skull and hairline from stress.
  • Renews the sweetness of life.Full Arm
  • Rejuvenates the entire face and softens worry linesHalf Arm

Doterra Oils

Doterra Oils Therapeutic Grade essential oil is so pure that it is a wonderful alternative to harmful cleaning products that contain toxic chemicals which enter into our respiratory system and can end up causing long-term damage and nasty side effects. It’s so easy to use.


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