Who does not want to look young forever? But then, aging is a natural process and none can prevent it. However, you can definitely decrease the aging by creating appropriate encounter facial care.


MultiVitamin Facial
These facials are designed to remove dead cells on the outer layers of the skin and speed cell turnover, restoring a healthy glow and even skin tone. ... Combined with the effects of the Multivitamin cleansing,essential vitamins and antioxidants this facial will provide smoother,softer and healthier skin


Herbal Facial Herbal Facial
Herbs are one of natures best medicines – they provide us with many health, skin and hair benefits. Face masks are used to deeply moisturise and remove any impurities, so combining some homemade herbal remedies in a face mask form can add plenty of pros to your skincare routine.


Gold Facial
Gold's antioxidant properties are said to fight off environmental toxins and sun damage.To sum up, gold is gold.


Pearl Facial
Pearl facial is extremely useful on sun-damaged and sun-tanned skin. It works as an anti-tan face mask. - Due to active enzymes present in the pearl powder, it can help to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines on the face early.


Diamond Facial
A facial massage using creams containing diamond dust also stimulates blood circulation in your face. Blood carries all the vital nutrients to your skin

About Little India

Rani Singh is a qualified Cosmetologist through Paul Mitchell's beauty school.She is the owner and operator of Little India Beauty Salon since 2000.

She is a passionate beauty therapist with a strong desire to nurture the skin.Her Strong care for her loved clients has lead Little India Salon to complete its 14 years and accomplished a thriving reputation among all its clients.